I really do apologize to everyone but a handful of people for incessantly reacting to only a few other writers. I am going to make the effort at some point to add some more links to the many, many excellent writers I have come across in bouts of random clicking. Additionally, if you would like your writing to be linked-to here, please, by all means, use the comments tool. Lastly, if you have made specific comments on your website in relation to what I have said here, I would love to know, not for the purpose of feeding my own ego, which, I assure you, is not a factor here, but rather because I do desire dialogue. 

With that being said, I am, unsurprisingly, working on a reaction to recent calls over at blissblog for positivity ("The hate continues, only here at Airport Through The Trees!"). The post is so large that I have had to take it over to a word-processing program for proper editing. It is six pages long, with no spacing and fully-justified (hopefully in more ways thanone!) and I am in desperate need of an editor. Any volunteers?

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