I Guess Newtown Wasn't Enough

Kids die all the time anyways, don't they?

Here's a controversial thought. It's long been a trope of those who speak for disadvantaged people of color living in major cities that people, in general, only give a shit when young white kids get killed. Well, not really. Indifference and inaction seem different, and they are, but they both end in the same way.

Oh, and yeah, I know government legislation won't fix anything at the most fundamental level, or even at all, but damn, we can't even do this?


Greyhoos said...

No, apparently we can't. And can't say I'm the least bit surprised.

:-p said...

Me neither but still can't quite bring myself to think "LOL of course not haha".

I think I have been living on the East Coast too long. All the things I dislike about it normally should be an advantage in this situation, right? Like, don't we have all the people, all the liberals, all the schools, all the money?

I know none of that counts for anything when it comes to substantial change. It's more the shock that even the little shit can't happen anymore. Like, even if I wanted to just become a regular-ass Democrat again, I couldn't even count on the Democrats to even be mediocre.