Not Pictured: Bills, Nihilism

* Nobody thinks I have a sense of humor in my real life right now. It's not  true. I am surrounded by machismo. Self-effacing doesn't work if it is taken literally.

* I got it used. Even though I am working five or six days a week right now, I still can't afford one of these things new. I also can't afford to read. Amazing how much one's mind is affected by not reading often. The results are obvious.

* I am worried that I actually like taking pictures of things that only matter to me and posting them on the Internet. I won't do this again until I visit my parents and see my cats.

* I find it almost impossible to get anything I actually need in cities anymore. Providence is especially bad. Even though I live ten minutes (walking) from downtown, I do virtually all of my shopping online.   I didn't shop online that often in New York or DC, but, now that I think about it, even after I was able to afford to live in large cities, usually only a few blocks away from the entrance to an underground rail system, I still had to go to either Virginia or that crappy mall now located next to the new basketball stadium in Brooklyn to get most of my essentials. I had never shopped at a Target until I moved to New York. Presumably, one moves to New York to never have to shop at Target.

That's really the irony of urban redevelopment, isn't it?

Why am I saying all of this? Well, I want to hook this thing up. I need a firewire cable. Nobody has one. Thanks, eBay. Again.


Anonymous said...

Surrounded by frat boy strutters and metrogymrat thugs? Dude that's comic gold waiting to be mined, and self-effacing isn't the route. Insulting them in their own style of humor is the way. Listen to their droll jokes and one-up them by turning the joke back on them.

They're not gonna punch you for making others laugh.

Obvious self-effacement causes alpha males to get predatory. This usually is learned by age 12.

:-p said...

More like Alpha rawkers.

At 12 I was already into Woody Allen films. No wonder the next twenty years sucked so much!