sorry about that

for those who saw.

alcohol and loneliness is bad.

i am on a journey. there was no home to start from, and i get scared that there won't be one to be found.

that's really all.

what was "sexist" was really just my jealousy. of those whose journey has ended. of those who never even bothered to take one in the first place. male or female. i keep pushing myself, keep tearing myself away. it's not easy but it is necessary.

because every time i have stopped, things have gotten worse. the inauthenticity reeks.


Anonymous said...

It was still more eloquent than my drunken FB/Twitter posts

:-p said...

perhaps but it was what I was being eloquent about that was so nasty...

it's not like I even deleted it to hide something about myself that's real. well. the anger is real. but how i chose to express it was meant to be insulting and didn't actually reflect anything I believe...