It'll be a few weeks until I make any progress on whatever it is I am writing, and I don't want to get expectations too high anyways…

But, in response to a commentator, I must say the following:

Maybe I was being a bit dramatic in declaring alternative culture dead, but here's why I feel this way: almost everyone I know who feels that there is/was something at stake in their love of music and art, in their desire to live differently, in their attempt to create some better version of human existence, well, they are suffering, and so am I. It's really hard to live without something to believe in, without feeling that there could be something to be accomplished. I love these people. I love my friends. I love the people who I don't even know who did things I can't even imagine anyone now having the courage to do. Sometimes, I even love myself. It's out of sympathy that I am declaring this culture dead. I am trying to find a way in which we can all be absolved of our fealties to various pasts which inspired us only to lead us nowhere, which inspired us with visions of possibilities that have seemingly been snatched from even our imaginations. Maybe by giving up on this past, we can begin to imagine a future for ourselves again.

I am only a nihilist contextually, not constitutionally.

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