Screen of Silence

Well yeah I don't know what to say. Said better!

I keep thinking I need a vacation and then I realize it wouldn't work because I would have to bring me along.


David K Wayne said...

You mean that this widespread alienation (it's always been around, but it's getting more acute) will lead to mob rule? With blatant 'gangsta bankers' running the show, all bets are off I guess.

Still waiting for you to accept the invitations to the 'decade blogs'. Maybe a 'theme' will encourage longer posts?

:-p said...

I apologize for not being in touch.

Sometimes I feel like John Entwhistle standing on stage at Cow Palace while Keith Moon is passed out on the drums.

Everything will resolve itself eventually.

:-p said...

Sending an email.

:-p said...

Ugh I am blind. Where is address? Send me one instead please. Cheers.